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All that the world needs and wants is for all of us to show up fully in our lives. That doesn't necessarily mean "all happy and positive and smiling and fun socks". It means the whole rainbow of ourselves, in brilliant colors. And when we do that...that is when the real magic happens.

- Ben Dooley, PCC

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Let’s get something straight. You are fully capable of having the life you want. You know … the one you are meant to live. That’s right, Y-O-U.


Here’s the thing, that life is not just going to magically fall into your lap one day (you knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, right?). You have to want it. Bad enough to go after it—REALLY go after it. And even then, the only way you’re actually going to get it is by living huge.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what it means to live huge.

The Live Huge Perspective—

    :  Know yourself deeply and thoroughly—and make intentional choices based on who you are.

    :  Be fully conscious of what sparks you, lights you up, and makes you burn—and give it away to the world.

    :  Claim who you are and stand in full, dazzling expression of yourself.

    :  Have more of what you crave—not because you think you want it, but because your soul yearns for it.

    :  Take inspired action and create your life from possibilities.

    :  Approach life with an attitude of boldness, vibrancy, and deep fulfillment.

    :  Live NOW with every ounce of whatever you have, in all of your brilliance and imperfection.

Heck, yeah. These radical, incredible, scrumptious things are the essence of what living huge is all about. It’s an attitude, a perspective, an approach to life—and it’s:

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Oh, and here are a few more things you should know about living huge—

#1: It looks different for everyone. There is no formula, no recipe, and no one-size-fits-all. I can’t tell you exactly what living huge looks like for you—you have to figure that out. What I can tell you is that you’ll know it when you’re hitting on it. It’s unmistakable. You feel electrified, intense, unstoppable, and the most YOU you’ve ever felt. The light radiates out of you—you shine—and it is obvious to anyone within your orbit that you completely rock your world.

#2: It’s not just a head game—it’s also a heart game. (Frankly, it’s not even possible to Live Huge if you’re only living from the neck up.) Some of us are more naturally inclined to be “thinkers,” and others of us are more naturally inclined to be “feelers.” And that’s cool, because that’s how we’re made. But to Live Huge and create the life of your dreams, it’s necessary to be plugged into your entire being (not just how we prefer to show up in the world). You have to think AND feel … do AND be … understand in the brain AND know in the soul.

#3: It’s a choice. Period. In the ordinary moments, as well as the big-whammy life-altering ones, the only question it comes down to is this: “What is the Live Huge choice I can make here?”  This is your opportunity to summon your wisdom & courage—and make a choice that is in alignment with your values, priorities, and vision for the life you want to create. And okay, I’ll be the first to admit, Living Huge is not always the “easiest” choice; but it IS the one that will lead you to a life full of vibrancy and deep fulfillment.

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