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One year. 100 powerful conversations. One project to create intentional impact in the world. 

(Read this first: 1 Year. 1 Project. 100 Powerful Conversations.)


I have a high-bar for the people I work with, and this project is no exception. I'm all in, and I ask that of you too. If you meet the criteria (or something sparked inside of you when you read it) and are ready to challenge your status quo in a powerful, life-changing conversation, use the form below and let me know you're interested.

Here are some things I'd like to know about you (answer in your message below):

1) What's going on in your world that needs attention right now and you'd like to transform?

2) What seems daunting about your next step toward that?

3) How would a deep coaching conversation with me help or support you in this?

4) How do you know you are ready?

I want in!


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The Criteria

I am creating space each month for the next year (March 2018) to sit down with inspired + inspiring individuals for a powerful conversation to challenge their status quo and amplify their leadership.

This is the type of person I’m looking for – someone who: 

- Desires to step fully into their personal leadership and start leading boldly, confidently & courageousl at work and in all areas of their lives. 

- Serves extra-ordinarily in what they do every day (or aspires to do so).


- Wants to create positive impact in their world and THE world.


- Are willing to be the hardest worker in the room to go after something they really, really, REALLY want.


- Knows they are responsible for their own happiness and the experience of their life – and are intent on taking action accordingly.

- Are ready for (and want) game-changing support to help them achieve a goal that feels “impossible” right now, tackle a challenge they’re currently facing, or transform an area where they are currently unsatisfied.

These are the people I am inspired by. 

These are the people I coach. 

Is this you?

Alternately, you can send your request to me via email: kyleigh [at] thelivehugefactor [dot] com. Include the same information as above.

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